Working in ICT at 288 Group Ltd

The ICT department at 288 services all the companies in the 288 Group. We deal with everything from the Windows and Apple based network and server infrastructure, COBOL development of our internal systems and all the Web Development and support of our many websites.


288 Group continues to actively develop its core COBOL system with a team of internal COBOL developers. All the main trading arms of the group use the system with over 100 users across the business. The COBOL system is integrated with HR, Accounting, Marketing and Web softwares.


All Web Development at 288 is handled internally by the in-house development team of ten. The team is split into two sub-teams for the major projects and we have a development support. We are primarily a .NET/MSSQL team with a wide range of programming experience, our projects include websites, windows applications and services, web services, lots of integration with internal systems and bespoke projects.