Working in Marketing at The Westminster Collection

The Marketing Department is at the hub of The Westminster Collection’s business, managing the product development, merchandising (stock management and purchasing) and marketing of a range of collectable coins, medals and stamps.  It also incorporates our sister brand Coin Portfolio Management.

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Niche Products.  Mainstream Marketing.

Of course, coins and stamps are somewhat of a niche product to market.  But that does not mean that our marketing is anything but professional and mainstream.

We have a multi-million pound marketing budget that generates annual sales of £25m, with extensive expenditure across all the mainstream channels, including:

  • National Press advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Digital and Social Media

Product Management

Our experienced product management team forms the backbone of the Marketing Department, with responsibility for everything to do with the product from the initial concept, through its development, managing the supply change and planning and implementing the final marketing.

In effect each Product Manager, who looks after their own range of products, has their very own business, with true responsibility for its sales and profitability.

Creative and Digital Teams

The product management team is supported by a Creative Team who work on both product development and advertising design.

The specialist Digital Team oversees a series of websites, blogs and social media.  The team of specialists in content, online advertising and social media is enabling us to constant growth in our online business.  Click here for more information about our digital marketing.

The Best Marketing Training in Dorset

Graduate Marketer Lauren receiving her IDM Diploma in Direct & Digital Marketing

Graduate Marketer Lauren receiving her IDM Diploma in Direct & Digital Marketing

We have over 20 years of recruiting and developing graduates and other trainees in marketing roles.  Many are still with The Westminster Collection in senior positions, including the Managing Director, Ian Glen, who started his career as one of the very first graduate trainees 20 years ago.  Others who have moved on from The Westminster Collection now hold senior marketing positions all the way through to Director level.

We believe that success only comes from a combination of excellent on the job training supported by more formal direct and digital marketing training provided by the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing.

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