Take our 2 Minute Marketing Suitability Test

Do you have what it takes to join our marketing team?
Take our 2 Minute Suitability Test.

We don’t expect our junior marketers to have any specific marketing knowledge.  In fact we’re as likely to employ you with a history or politics degree as with a specialist marketing or business degree.

But we do expect a few simple things.

  • You are enthusiastic and hardworking
  • You have a good grasp of written English
  • You are reasonable at maths
  • You are interested in the nation’s history and culture

Why not take our 2 Minute Suitability Test to see if you’ve got some of the attributes we are looking for.

  1. A coin sells for £240 including VAT, which is 20%. What is the price excluding VAT?
  2. If we spend £10,000 on a press advertisement and receive 2,000 orders what is our Cost per Order?
  3. If we mail 5,000 people and achieve a 2.5% response rate, how many orders will we receive?
  4. What was the Battle of Britain?
  5. Which sentence is correct?
    1. You’re coins are over there.
    2. Your coins are over there.
    3. Your coins are over their.
    4. Your coin are over they’re.
  6. If we receive 50 orders from advert A and advert B is 20% better performing. How many orders will we receive from advert B?
  7. Which sentence is correct?
    1. The coins being used before.
    2. The coins been used before.
    3. The coins’ been used before.
    4. The coin’s been used before.
  8. What is the official title used by Prince William and Kate?

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Really want to impress us?

If you’ve done well in the suitability test but really want to impress us – here’s how.  Simply read this book before you talk to us.  Nothing describes our marketing methods better!

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The Answers

  1. £200 
  2. £5.00
  3. 125
  4. The 1940 air battle between the RAF and German Luftwaffe
  5. B
  6. 60
  7. D
  8. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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