Working in the Call Centre

We are a relatively small call centre, with only about 40 seats active. We try hard to get the balance right between being a great place to work on one hand, and managing everyone’s performance on the other.

We are small enough to make sure that no-one is anonymous, but big enough to give everyone an opportunity to shine. When we look for people to join us, we try to find people who will help us continue being a successful part of the business, with all the rewards that this brings.

There are four teams:

The Westminster Collection Telemarketing Team
The Westminster Collection Telemarketing team offer a range of coin, stamp and from time to time other collectable items to Westminster’s very best customers. The items they sell are a mix of classic material such as a penny black (the world’s first stamp) and more modern themed products such as coins commemorating royal events.

Coin Portfolio Management (CPM) Telemarketing Team
The CPM Telemarketing team are specialist coin consultants. After initial training and a qualifying period, each consultant is given over 500 clients. Their job is to give these clients personal access to some of the most exclusive and limited gold and silver coins available.

Customer Service Team
The Customer Service team strives to provide customers of The Westminster Collection and Coin Portfolio Management with excellent customer care. The training and management is aimed at building an understanding of the needs of the customers and the products they are offered.

The team handle inbound response from a variety of channels including post, phone, email, live chat and social media such as Facebook.

Compliance Team
The Compliance team work monitor all contact centre functions for The Westminster Collection and Coin Portfolio Management. This includes checking the processing of paper based orders & payments, all written correspondence, social media, inbound calls and outbound telemarketing calls.

Compliance scores are fed back to the agents on a fortnightly basis. From these results each agent has the opportunity to earn extra bonus or some other incentive.

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