Stephen Allen – Chairman

Stephen began his career during the late 1970s in the sa_internet_pic_175x223wholesale stamp business founded by his father, Harry Allen, in 1945.  Stephen launched The Westminster Collection in 1987 to bring commemorative stamps and coins to a wider, mass-market, collector audience.  During 1999 he took 288 Group in a new direction launching Sitters, now one of Britain’s leading childcare services.  With three decades of business experience Stephen is the Chairman and controlling shareholder of 288 Group Ltd.


Ian Glen – Managing Director

Ian joined The Westminster Collection in 1994 after readingig_internet_pic_173x224 History at the University of Oxford.  Initially working as a Product Manager looking after the development and marketing of stamp and coin programmes, he became Marketing Manager in 1996 before joining the Board in 1999.  As a Board Director of 288 Group, he is Managing Director of The Westminster Collection as well as overseeing day-to-day operations of Harry Allen and CASCO.


Peter Owen – Director

Peter first joined Harry Allen in 1984.  He became Personnel po_internet_pic_174x225Manager in 1996 before adding Finance to his responsibilities and joining the Board in 1998 as Company Secretary. As a Board Director of 288 Group, Peter is responsible for Group Services, which manages the group’s shared infrastructure, including ICT, Finance and Personnel.



Peter Robinson – Director

Peter has been involved in sales and fulfilment for both tradepn_internet_pic_175x226 and retail sectors since 1993.  He has worked with a full range of businesses from highly sales focussed blue chip companies to large public sector organisations.Peter joined 288 Group in 2006 and is responsible for operations and trade.  He became a full Board Director in 2008.