The Westminster Collection

The Westminster CollectionStephen Allen founded The Westminster Collection in 1987 to focus on the opportunities to sell stamps to the mass market through direct marketing.

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The Westminster Collection saw quick success selling continuity programmes for key events and themes, like the World Cup, Disney, Trains and the Queen’s 40th Anniversary and, in 1992, started to extend the company’s activities into the coin market. Benefiting from the clear synergies in collector profile and interest between stamps and coins, sales grew to £18m by 1996 / 97.

Poppy Coin

The annual Poppy Coin in support of the Royal British Legion

Today coins form the major focus for The Westminster Collection,  It operates as official distributor for official Guernsey and Jersey commemorative coins as well as many international mints such as The Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Australian Mint and Monnaie de Paris.  Westminster also works with the Royal British Legion to produce their official annual Poppy Coin, which has raised over £350,000 to help ex-servicemen and their families.


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In 2011 Coin Portfolio Management launched  as a sister business, helping collectors interested in premium coin issue, whilst 2013 saw the launch  of Change Checker, a free online service that helps the British public to collect and swap the coins they find in their change.  Change Checker is now the leading collector forum for change collectors in the UK.

With over 1 million collectors on its database and record results in recent years, The Westminster Collection is the largest trading division within 288 Group and the leading independent distributor of coins in the UK.

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